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D. Seiple, Ph.D.
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What I Can Do For You

If you are doing academic writing,

I can help you design your paper, and I can make suggestions on how you can write what you have to say. I don't "write" papers for you, but I do review what you've written, and I can help you tweak it, revise it, or start off in a new direction.

My eBook may be helpful to you. Send me an email for an electronic copy.

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If you are in the workplace,

I can review your business memos, reports, and presentations for organization, grammar, and clarity. I can review those emails that take you hours to write (and still leave you wondering if you've done it right), and I can usually do this in less than 24 hours (for small jobs). Wouldn't it be great to know, finally, that no one on the job is going to pick apart your grammar behind your back? Nor are they going to miss your message because your English doesn't properly convey it!

If you are interested primarily in English conversation,

we can meet on a regular basis and I can help you with conversational style and content -- whether for academic presentations, job interviews, or casual social interaction. Role playing is one of several ways to accomplish this.

How This Works

If you live outside the New York City area, you can email me, and we can discuss your project (no charge for this consultation). We then agree on price. If you live in the New York area, we can meet in person as well as do some of our work by email or phone.

David Seiple

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